About Us

About Lock 7, the cafe

Our Mission

Getting people on bicycles, keeping people on bicycles, having fun with it and making a difference.

Our History

2007 Lock 7 Ltd is formed by Kathryn Burgess and Lee King after a trip to Copenhagen that inspires them to sell beautiful, unique and interesting bikes in London.

2008 - Lock 7 opens and is the UK's first Cycle Cafe!

Overlooking Regents Canal at the end of Broadway Market, customers sit taking in the views, browsing accessories, or having a bite to eat while repairs take place.

We are proud to be a part of the cycling renaissance in London and to be the inspiration for numerous cycle cafes opening throughout the city.

Lock 7 has been featured in numerous magazines and documentaries around the world including Time Out, D2 Norway, The London Literary Review, Pedal Project Dublin, The Design Council Magazine, The New York Times, Lonely Planet, and Japan Journals.

2015 - Lock 7 relocates to the Broadway Market Mews. We no longer serve food and drinks, but continue to provide friendly repair service and sell accessories.

2016 - We are excited to be opening our online store! Our range of accessories will be massively expanding and now you can browse or buy online.

We are thrilled to be working with local independent artisans to bring our customers unique and quality products and to support local business.

Lock 7 is proud to be the friendly neighbourhood place to go for all things bike related. We look forward to serving the community and to being at the heart of this thriving east london community.